Calvary Lutheran Church

A family of Christians growing in faith through worship and service.

About Us

Who or What Is Calvary Lutheran Church?

   Calvary’s Mission Statement

         To be a family of Christians growing in faith through worship and service

Calvary Lutheran Church was founded under the name Calvary English Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1944.  Now that is a mouthful!  Along the way, the words “English” and “Evangelical” dropped out of usage.  We do still worship and conduct business in English and we do still proclaim the Gospel (which is what “evangelical” means); we simply eliminated the tongue-twister from our name.

We are a small congregation, so we tend to be like a large extended family.  We worship together twice a week — during our regular schedule — and often add extra worships for holidays and special occasions.  We serve our community in a variety of ways.  Check out the News & Events and Outreach to the Community pages for more details on what we’re currently up to.

If you’re new in Two Rivers or visiting for a short time, feel free to drop by.  We’d love to meet you.

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