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A Letter From Our Task Force

Dear Calvary family,

The Task Force has been meeting via Zoom throughout the summer.   In addition to planning the summer outdoor services, we have been weighing information to make an informed decision about when to reopen Calvary for inside worship.  We have prayerfully considered the strong need for personal connections and interactive worship along with the scientific studies citing church attendance as a high risk activity during this Covid19 pandemic.  Our goal is to reopen as safely as possible and at a time when data indicates a maintained downward trend in case numbers.

We appreciate your patience with us and with this process.  At the same time, we acknowledge how difficult it is to wait without an clear timeline for reopening.  We feel the same frustration that you most likely are feeling.  This is the time, though, to seek the discerning power of the Holy Spirit in making decisions, while we work at maintaining our family connectedness through safe means.

Due to the present advice of the WI Council of Churches, BIshop Mansholt and CDC reports, we are postponing our reopening until after September.  In addition to allowing additional time for a downward trend to possibly develop, this delay allows us to minimize any effect that the area return to school may have on our congregation and any effect that the return to church would have on our school-attending families.

In the meantime, the Task Force will be meeting every two weeks to review the latest data and recommendations.  While continuing with outdoor services, we will also plan for what indoor services will look like and prepare for the day when we can safely reopen our church.  We will work hard to develop ways to keep our Calvary family feeling connected to one another even while we must be apart.  Our bond with each other is an important part of our faith life.  The Task Force recognizes this bond has suffered during our separation.  We are confident that with some work and creativity, we can re-connect with one another, lift each other up in faith, and share the burdens of this difficult time in order to ease one another’s pain. 

We will be posting the WI Council of Churches’ report and Bishop Mansholt’s video address on the Calvary website for you to see.  If after viewing the information, you have any questions or comments to share, please contact our Task Force members through their email addresses below:

Pastor Julie

Cindy Schmidt                            Brian Jensen

Stan Phelps

Rita Kreeger

Joe Bitto                

Becky Doyen

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